About Us

We are a unique and diverse cooperative space, offering a variety of holistic practices for your health and well-being, such as yoga, meditative movement, energy healing, informative workshops – and much, much more. We embrace many practices and are open to all kinds of possibilities!

Breathing Room Center, LLC came to life in 2009 through the vision of founder Cheryl Paulson, Certified & Registered Yoga Instructor. As an active member of the community, Cheryl saw the need for a space where people of all levels of ability could come to move, heal and feel peaceful and supported. Having taught at many yoga “studios” in the past, Cheryl wanted to create a space that was less glossy and more community-oriented. Not about the designer outfits and costly yoga gear – but about kicking off those muck boots and coming as you are…exactly as you are. Coming home to yourSELF and in the community of others.

Whether you’re a skilled athlete, or haven’t tried to touch your toes in quite some time, you will find what you need — and who you need here. There’s no better way to achieve your goals than with guidance and support. At Breathing Room Center, truly you can “Inhale Peace, Exhale Tension!”



Breathing Room Center

Yoga Class Prices

$15 – drop-in class
$60 – 5 classes
$100 – 10 classes