Thai Massage at Breathing Room Center

with Jane Smith, LMT

Traditional Thai Massage is a blend of rhythmic and sustained compression (similar to acupressure), assisted yoga postures, and various other massage techniques. Rooted in eastern medicine, this unique massage style can be modified to fit the needs of all individuals to bring pain relief, stress reduction, improved flexibility and general wellness. Most commonly practiced on a floor mat, this style of massage is performed fully clothed, with the client in loose fitting exercise or lounge wear. Sessions run $1/minute.

Traditional Thai Massage

Jane Smith, LMT completed her massage therapy education in 2012 at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, and has since been in private practice both in spa and medical settings. She offers Thai mat and table massage sessions, both of which may incorporate essential oils and hot herbal compresses based on individual needs. Session lengths vary based on client need, and can run anywhere from 30-180 minutes in 15 minute increments. $1/minute includes the NJ state sales tax on massage services. 

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NJ License # 18KT00830900

Breathing Room Center

Yoga Class Prices

$15 – drop-in class
$60 – 5 classes
$100 – 10 classes