What Our Grads Say

This course has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined!  It has effected the way I handle situations in my everyday life, how I react (or don’t) to other people, and it has changed my views and feelings towards myself. It has greatly improved my physical and emotional health. It has challenged my beliefs and world views. It has caused me to question things like I did as a child and have forgotten to do as an adult. It has caused me to deepen some relationships and let go of others. It has given me a solid foundation to continue on a spiritual journey and to face and appreciate the challenges and blessings that are sure to come up in my future. Through this course I have also had the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of individuals that I plan to stay in contact with and they have each touched my life in a unique and special way. It has also (of course) taught me how to instruct basic Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation, but that is almost a side note compared to the life changing experience that it was.


I am so humbled to be in the YTT class with such a wonderful teacher. I feel very blessed to have both you and Cheryl in my life.  You have made a difference to me, and to all the people in my ‘circle.’  I know that is happening with all 13 of the students in the class…I feel blessed. YTT is really opening up a new world to me.


Through your teachings and this practice, I feel like I really have been transformed. Practicing the 8 limbs of yoga on a daily basis in a practical way- really bringing the yoga off of the mat- has made my life so beautiful. I feel truly content- despite all of the difficult things that we experience in our day-to-day lives. My chitta vritti’s are really quite peaceful these days!


I loved how the course covered the 8 limbs of yoga, the chakras, chanting and bits of ayurvedic medicine. Each month so intricately laid out. So much time and effort put into arranging the materials to create a flow. There was always room for change or adding more on a subject if the students felt the need or want to do that….The course created a place for me to do my inner spiritual work. Paula and Cheryl’s guidance served as a reliable source of feedback and support as I asked personal and emotional questions about my life and my spirituality. I was able to write about anything and never felt embarrassed or unimportant. They reminded me what a true teacher is….Paula is a true spiritual guide who is here to serve those who join her path. She is nonjudgmental and reflects to you your beautiful nature. Cheryl is peace. She listened from her heart. She also has a genuine way of pulling the best out of you!


This experience has changed me in every way…It was very challenging at many points and I was turned inside out. It really was a metamorphosis of my being and I’m a better person for it….My life now is taken on with a witness mind and I’m so much more capable of dealing with things.  My family is grateful that I went through this and they appreciate my growth and dedication. In the beginning my intention was purely selfish….me just wanting to heal and grow. I have a new found confidence with what I have learned and want to teach others!”


Since I was seventeen I have been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks..I have been trying to deal with it naturally through therapy, yoga, herbs and other natural healing modalities…But it wasn’t till recently that I took the yoga teacher training at the Breathing Room that changed my relationship to anxiety.  I learned to be present in each pose. I learned how to breathe more deeply and consciously. I learned how to create relaxation in my own body..I knew how to create anxiety and panic, but didn’t realize that i had the tools to create peace in my body and mind through a daily yoga practice.  The other big thing that shifted me was learning about ahimsa.  Ahimsa is the sanskrit term in yoga meaning non-violence or non-harm. This helped me shift how I treated myself when I did have anxiety or panic.  I didn’t realize how upset with myself I would get when i was experiencing it, the self talk I created when I felt defeated from it…When I have an attack [now] I breathe. I breathe right through it like I would an asana. I stay present..Knowing that this to shall pass…Having a yoga practice helped me learn so much about who I am and has given me tools to live a healthier, happier life.

K. L.

I never expected such a life changing experience. I don’t necessarily think I changed, but more that the course really led me back to my true self. The course also has provided me with the tools to take a step back, use the witness mind and get back to that state of stillness; when the world around seems to be spinning out of control. Initially I enrolled in YTT for a deeper understanding of Yoga Philosophy, teaching was not really my main focus.  One month after graduating from the course I found myself teaching my own yoga class weekly and I love it. Paula and Cheryl left no stone unturned, no question was too small or too big. Based on what I learned in YTT I felt very comfortable when I sat in front of my own students for the first time. The course taught me how to design a class from picking the right music, centering, teaching asana safely and understanding how to use propping and beginning and ending on time. The course provided me with a very strong foundation to begin my own journey into teaching….Being part of the YTT was a great opportunity and a blessing, I am so thankful to Paula and Cheryl for putting so much of  themselves into this program.


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