Customized Continuing Education for Individuals & Groups


After offering annual Yoga Training/In-Depth Study Courses at Breathing Room Center with Cheryl Paulson and Paula Tepedino for many years, we found there was a need for more customized course study programs. These programs can be offered almost exclusively online to fit into your busy lives, and you can pick them up at any time – no need to wait for a particular start date. Now that’s convenient! 


Online Continuing Yoga Education with Paula Tepedino
Whether you are looking to improve your personal life or to enhance your yoga training, you will find the courses at My Yoga Therapist reliable, valuable and convenient.As part of Paula’s commitment to continue to offer courses to help her students and teacher graduates, she teaches this course online. It has all the depth of her LIVE 10-month trainings at Breathing Room Center. The difference is that you won’t have to travel every weekend for 10 months and put your life on hold while enrolled. You can study in the comfort of your space and go at your own pace to suit your style of learning. Paula schedules ONLINE LIVE time with every student and for every lesson for 40 minutes.


Paula makes herself available in LIVE classrooms, not taped podcasts. She is available LIVE with you through an online Classroom that records and allows for interaction during a session. You will be able to reach out to her after every lesson and schedule your 40 minute LIVE session at a time that works for you. The curriculum covers Yoga Philosophy, the basics of Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy, Anatomy & Physiology, the Five-Illness Lesson Plan Models and much more. Because the courses are the Basics of Yoga Therapy there are lesson plans that follow the Five-Illness Model offering relief to students who suffer from common ailments. The lesson plans include pre and post stretching, modified restorative asana, pranayama suitable for their condition, mudra meditations and deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra.


With more and more individualized yoga sessions needed to prevent injury and work with others with health issues, this course will give you the information you need as a yoga teacher to feel comfortable working with people who aren’t flexible, who can’t do most asanas and who need more than group yoga classes to prevent injury.


If you are new to yoga, this course offers you a way to get healthy yourself by following Hatha yoga traditions and Ayurveda to get your life on track. Cooking and nutrition for your body constitution is a key to losing weight, feeling more energy and being connected to the foods you eat. Learning how to care for yourself before you care for others is a wonderful self-healing approach using yoga and Ayurveda.


The curriculum is meant to serve as an addendum and as a foundation to continued yoga studies whether you are a Yoga Teacher or someone wanting to learn more about both the basics Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda.

Paula’s guidance will be there for you throughout the course. She will offer effective feedback, fine tune the material to suit your learning style and support you to successfully complete the course.


Please visit her website, to view the Course Syllabus and learn more about Paula Tepedino and the 100 hour program.


We look forward to serving you soon.

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Some Past Graduates

Padma (Paula) Tepedino has been certifying yoga teachers nationally since 1996. Her school was one of the first yoga schools to be accepted into the Yoga Alliance Registry. She continues to be a perennial student, a leader in the Yoga and Ayurveda community, and a person who loves what she does and shares her knowledge in a compassionate and generous way. She is also an Officiant, performing the most heartfelt ceremonies. FMI, visit: and contact Paula at


Cheryl Paulson, E-RYT, CYT, was certified under Paula’s school both at the 200 and 500-hour levels. As the Owner of Breathing Room Center, she brings her love of community to the area, offering space to those who want to share their creative, authentic selves with others. She is passionate about the healing power of yoga and honored to guide others on their own personal journey. Contact Cheryl at